Monday, April 10, 2006

Fish, fish, fish

Pictures of Turneffe Island Atoll where we dived today.

We had another great, but exhausting day today. Probably our last scuba dive in Caye Caulker. We were lucky today because as we left the Caye a group of dolphins joined us and hopped along side the boat as we went along. The guys slowed down so we could see them jumping up to see us. We did run one over but it came out the other side unharmed and looked quite pleased with itself - maybe they like that kind of thing? When we arrived we did a wall dive. The reef went right up above us and the wall dropped away deep below. It was pretty awesome. We saw an eagle ray with two little cleaner fish clinging on underneath. The second dive was amazing. As we swam over the wall there were hundreds of fish in two or three or four different schools. It was like swimming in an aquarium. The colours were amazing and they all swerved up and down in a single movement. The big predator fish were having a feast. It was amazing to watch and swim right in the middle of them - they don't seem to care about us. One the way back we saw splashing about and the boat slowed to show us a big school of tuna chased to the surface by big lemon sharks (I know they sound really weedy) who were having a feast. They looked pretty mean. I was pleased we didn't dive with them.

A great day but I felt a little sad we wouldn't be diving with the company again as they were a really friendly team. However, I am a little relieved I can have a glass of wine tonight and not worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow we are off on the manatee tour at last. I can't wait to see them.

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