Sunday, April 09, 2006


We had the best two dives yet today at Hol-Chan. The sea-life was amazing. The reef just seemed alive as the amazing, coloured corals and sponges swayed in the current. We did a drift dive which means a nice lazy dive to me - as you let the current take you along. We saw some great stuff. I was lucky as everyone else took a tunnel route through part of the dive, I chickened out at the last minute, but as I swam over the top I saw a spotted sting ray. It swims like it's flying - with big wings - very impressive! We saw a few sharks too. They were really slow and calm and I noticed they had two big, sharp teeth at the front - a bit menacing. But they didn't care about us and trundled off. One had a little fish attached cleaning its back. We saw loads of coloured reef fish and big schools of grey groupers. The whole dive was amazing. I came out feeling really proud of myself because during the dive I had to change my breathing piece underwater, as mine wasn't working properly, but I was really calm and it was actually easy.

The second dive wasn't as exciting for creatures but it was the most spectacular I've ever done. The reef had big drops, every now and then, and it felt like you were flying over them. We saw a big lobster, green moray eel and another shark. Such a good day. It's so satisfying to get up early have exercise and really enjoy a big lunch. I would be so bored sitting on the beach getting burned. There are some very embarrassing British sun-burned bodies. We just can't take it so why try? Having said that I have developed a set of impressive freckles on my face. I don't quite recognise myself at the moment. We are meeting up with Jamila toninght for drinks - a girl we met in San ignacio and had lunch with today. Right now I'm ready for a nap back at our hotel room.

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Sameranda said...

You're so brave to swim with sharkies!!! I wouldn't even put a toe in the water.