Friday, April 07, 2006

Caye Caulker

We left San Ignacio this morning. I was pleased to be rid of scorpions - hopefully forever! But will miss the friendly campsite atmosphere and meeting lots of people so easily. I am sure we will bump into them here as the island is only half a mile long and you can see across the width of it.

The campsite took us back to Belize City in luxury style, compared to the local buses, where we took a boat across the Caye Caulker an island to the east of Belize. It is actually paradise. The sands are white and clean and the houses are the pastel shades of the caribbean. There is really nothing to do apart from eat good food and dive or snorkel. Boring for anyone not wanting that. Unfortunately on my wonders I bumped into the rude Americans from San Ignacio. They did not say hello. How rude!

We booked in for a dive tomorrow. I was pleased to hear all the dives here are shallow. I have no inclination to go deep I just want to see all the sea-life close up. Belize has the second largest reef after Australia and we get to dive it. Bring on the manatees!

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