Monday, April 17, 2006

Road Trip

Just arrived back from a mammoth drive of 18 hours. We did 12 hours the first day, so the second wasn't so bad, but I have never been in one vehicle for so long. It was actually fine apart from the fact that I ate my body weight and more in crisps and sweets. What is it about long car journeys that make you eat like a pig? I think I also bored everyone with my inane babble - I felt I had to fill the time. We stopped overnight in a little town where we were so shattered we hardly spoke to on another over dinner. This morning I substituted a shower for an extra half hour in bed (I was a bit grouchy). Not so good six hours later when I looked completely minging and everyone had a good laugh at my manic hair and freckles. Glad to be back home now although I start school tomorrow, but I suppose it will be no time now before we're off to uk. Can't wait!

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