Saturday, April 01, 2006

Holidays at last

Great - had a big lie-in this morning. We've been really lazy having breakfast in bed and sleeping till late. Had a bit of a long afternoon yesterday at a BBQ for our mate Ben. Ate too much and felt a bit sick. My eyes are always bigger than my stomach. We started at 1pm and I was tucked in bed by half seven! Sad I know but I was shattered from school. I obviously needed it because I didn't wake up till eight.

I'm just about to go and finish packing (I have been almost ready for about a week - I am so excited) and get ready to jet off tonight. We fly to Chetmal in Mexico then cross the border into Belize tomorrow morning. Hopefully it's not as beaurocratic as Mexico and we can get through passport control quickly.

The photo above is the blue hole in Belize. It has stalagmites and stalagtites somehow grown underwater and lots of (friendly) sharks live there. I hope I'm brave enough to dive it because its meant to be beautiful. During our holiday hopefully I will be able to post all my photos and news here!

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