Friday, April 14, 2006

Total Relaxation

We left Caye Caulker yesterday on a miserable morning. It was grey and raining so I didn't feel so bad leaving. It was a long day of travelling. We missed the direct bus as the times were incorrect and it left earlier than we were told. So we hopped on the local bus, an old american school bus. A bit of a nightmare as it will stop wherever anyone wants, often people stand just 20m from each other waiting on the road and the bus stops and starts for them both. We started off packed in three to a seat - me with 1 adult next to me and 2 kids across our laps. Bear in mind it was around 30C and had no air conditioning. The blaring Bob Marley just added to the chaos and crowdedness. We eventually made is across the border and had a bit of luck. A bus was waiting there for anyone going to Tulum. Lucky as we had already missed our connecting bus and would have had to wait three more hours for the next one.

Eventually we got to Tulum and had a lovely ice-cold beer while we waited for Kevin to fetch us. His apartment is beautiful with a big, open roof-top area and views over a pool and out to the sea. I am really going to enjoy the next couple of days.

We dived with Jo and Kevin this morning and they completed their open water course. I remember feeling so pleased when we finished ours. The dive shop was just minutes from the apartment and the reef only five minutes by boat. It was a really relaxed dive, until my dramatic re-entrance into the boat, where I slipped and did a splits-style fall on the side of the boat. All I saw was Gareth screaming with laughter and I felt quite sorry for myself as it did hurt a bit (I did forgive him when I saw the funny side later). We finished with a good breakfast overlooking the dolphins playing in the water in front of us.

I have just filled the afternoon by reading my book and napping in the shade. My freckles have gone nuts - like I've never experienced before. When I get back to school the kids will laugh at me.

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