Monday, April 03, 2006

A long journey

We are now living in the middle of Belize 6 miles from the Guatamalan border. It's so jungley! Last night was so noisy - a coconut dropped onto our tin roof scared the pants off me. We are staying in a cute little hut surrounded by the noisiest insect and bird neighbours but it beats the dogs and traffic of Mexico City.

We slept very well last night after not quite realising the extent of our journey from Chetumal to Belize city then on to San Ignacio. We left on a rickety old bus and walked acros the Mexican/ Belze border (I was so excited by that). The contrast between the strict Mexican guards and the laid back Caribbean men on the Belize border was incredible - happily singing along to reggae. It then took 4 hours to get to Belize City and another 3 to San Ignacio. I was a bit bored, hungry, thirsty, needed the loo and fidgity to say the least and drove Gareth mad.

I didn't realise the Caribbean influence was so strong. I love the cool accent and laid back attitude. We're looking into some cave adventures today. I can't wait to explore the town today.

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