Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I Hate Scorpions

We have just had 2 very busy days. Typical Gareth-style holiday getting straight into the energetic stuff!

We started Monday by deciding to walk into the nearest town - San Ignacio. The lonely planet told us it was 6 miles from here to so we estimated a bit more than an hour quick walking. Unfortunately it turned out to be alot more like 9 miles but a nice taxi guy picked us up. I'm sure he was thinking how stupid tourists are. We had a great caribbean style lunch - it's mainly rice and beans. Then booked into a caving tour for the next day.

Back at the camp we decided to have a go at tubing (a big thing in Belize). So they dumped us in the Mopan River in 2 inner tubes and told us to get off before Clarrissa Falls which sounded ominous. We floated down and rode over mini-rapids which was great. Luckily the sign for the falls was quite obvious and we hopped out. Floating through the Belize jungle on a river is amazing I highly recommend it but save it for the rainier season as we had a lot of hard paddling to move through the slower water and bashed our bums going over the rapids (tip is keep them up and out).

The evening was not too successful: We walked to the same restaurant we had used the previous night but it was shut so I cooked up some really horrible noodle concoction - its really hard to buy vegetables here other than plantain so I did the best I could! We met some really nice American people and had some beers in our camp. When we went to bed my worst nightmare came true. Gareth told me he could see as lizard on the wall then realised it was a scorpion then realised there were actually two of the ugly creatures. I can't beleve it's my first time seeing them. I hate them and they are really scarey looking flashing their pinchers and tails. The campsite man removed one but the other got away. So I spent all night flashing a torch about in case it came back. Got shouted at by Gareth who confiscated the torch (I managed to get it back and hide it for tonight). This morning there were no more scorpion sightings. As long as I can't see it I'm ok!

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