Thursday, April 06, 2006

A quiet day

Yesterday was quite chilled out. We woke up without an alarm clock which I love! We had a lovely late breakfast at our campsite. I love the burritos here with chilli sauce. I went to have a look at the butterfly house which is full of beautiful butterflies found in Belize. I watched one getting out the cocoon and drying out its wings.

Then I read in my hammock - not for long though because the sun made me sleepy. I had a big sleep in the bedroom until Gareth got me up to play frisbee golf. Same principals as golf but you have to get the frisbee in a net. It was really hard as the course was very narrow. I kept throwing it off course and had to crawl through the undergrowth to get it back. I was scared of bugs but luckily none found me. I did very badly and Gareth won by a mile.

We played a few games at the camp, which I also lost! Gareth is too good. There were a bunch of really unfriendly Americans moaning about the Belizian food. That's the best bit about travelling - trying something new. After dinner I prayed there would be no scorpions but there was one near our door which promptly disappeared into our room. Luckily we didn't see it again. But there was a mini one Gareth had to squash in the bathroom. Fortunately I slept well despite my silly worries. Hopefully no more bug issues tonight!

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