Thursday, April 06, 2006

A pyramid with a view

We had a great day today. We popped down to the shop to get breakfast and had real heinz beans (can't get them in Mexico) and sausages. We got our packed lunches and set off to Xunantunich a pyramid site an hours walk away from the camp.

We set off walking and had to cross the river on a pully-system boat/platform. I was then frog-marched up the hill by Gareth who loves a good hard walk and climb. I was really surprised by the site when we got there it was much more impressive than I had thought it would be. We climbed up the castillo - the 2nd highest Maya structure in Belize 130 feet up! It was scarey at the edge. You could see across the border to Guatamala in the west. It was pretty hot though and we both had to rest at the top. We had lunch back at the bottom where we saw a big iguana scuttling across the road. We're now chilling out in the afternoon and plan to go into to town one last time to get money and dinner tonight.

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