Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Last Day Blues

I found cadbury's chocolate here last night. I will be taking back loads and getting fat. Great!
I woke up a bit grumpy as it is the last day. But luckily I had Gareth to remind me that although we're leaving tomorrow we have almost a week left till school starts again. We had a lazy morning - a late breakfast at the place in the pictures above. Then we popped across to San Pedro - a town on the next island along. It was very nice but roasting hot. A bit more built up and busy then here. They have cars! We had lunch and wondered about. UnfortunatelyI got poo on my shoe and my new bracelet then necklace fell off to add to my going home misery. Never mind because I had some good news tha Jo and Kevin have pased their scuba course and we can all dive together this weekend before we return to Mexico City. Tonight we're having dinner with some other guys from the UK, at my favourite restaurant, so it's not all bad.

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