Friday, April 28, 2006

Bloody Beaurocracy

Sometimes I get so stressed living in this country. There are so many stupid rules and people change them whenever they like, especially if they know you're foreign and they realise that you don't know any better. Yesterday I tried to pay a tax thing that had to be done by today. The guy told us we could only do it between 8am and 1pm (I later found out my boss walked right in and payed it half an hour later with no problems). So this morning Gareth went to pay it and they told him I had to be there in person (my mate Jo had her boyfriend pay it that morning). So I ended up getting hot and sweaty, racing down to the bank in my half an hour lunch break. I queued for 25 minutes getting more and more stroppy, rehearsing a spanish complaint in my head. Then just as my turn came the bloody bank lost all power and they couldn't accept the money. Oh my god!!!!!! I was truly pissed off. I have now managed to pay it but do they have to make me suffer. I love the UK. You whizz in and out in 2 minutes when going to the bank or supermarket. Here is a nightmare. Thank god that now I am in my favourite armchair I feel so much better. Stress over!! (The kids were also little brats today and I had a mini-hangover from only 3 pints of beer I am officially a light weight).


Sameranda said...

Ha Ha its not much better over her trust me. Oooh we're moving house this next couple of weeks! So v busy and also stressed. Oh you would have loved it this Saturday night, Fran Langton, Toki, Sid, Susan & Laurie, basically a big old bunch of peeps were out in town and we all got sooooo hammered I missed you! Fran's back for a week she is as gorgeous as ever.

Ant said...

I miss all you guys too. I do miss the crazy nights we used to have down the Monkey (I'm quite emnbarassed to say it). I will always remember you smaking that dick-head Steve. I love you forever for that. I can't wait till summer to see you get married and then have a great big party with everyone there!