Tuesday, April 18, 2006

How do you eat your creme egg?

Oh my god this made my day! I was a bit gutted about having to get back to work but my lovely Jim (head of our music team) was back in England this easter and brought me back some treats. I couldn't believe my luck when he gave me a creme egg. I managed to cling on to it for a while not knowing whether to scoff it there and then or find a nice relaxing time to enjoy it. I could resist no longer when I got home. Oh my god - so, so delicious! I am so glad I live here or I would get so fat at this time of year. I just can't lay off the chocolate.
Anyway getting back to school was greatly enhanced by the creme egg as the kids were really hyper and I wasn't sharing their energy. In the end I had to play sleeping lions - where they lie down and pretend to be asleep - the quietest being the winner. Must dash as I have to get back to routine and we're off to the gym then super market shopping.


Sameranda said...

I would post you one but i think it might melt on the way. Just think when you're back in guern in the summer you can eat so much junk food! I had a creme egg easter egg from Maggie and I ate the entire thing last night in front of the telly. Nick's away and there's no one there to stop my gluttony.

Ant said...

I know men are wierd like that. I gave Gareth a huge easter egg and he has it all zip lock bagged away in the fridge and eats little nibbles at a time. I say all or nothing.

Sameranda said...

That's just crazy talk. The thought of eatng any kind of chocolate slowly is not natural.